Recalculating taxes

Wendy Hisel -

When you add a new tax rate, it will not automatically update future reservations that have already been created. To do this, you will need to use the RezStream Utility.


Note: Make sure that you have added a new ‘effective date’ with the new rate, leaving the old one in place.[image]





 Make sure that RezStream is closed on all computers, then open the RezStream Utility from Start Menu > All Programs > RezStream (folder icon) > RezStream Utility


Select ‘Edit’ and then ‘Recalculate Taxes’

Select ‘Yes’ on the next window

Enter a date to recalculate from – be aware that RezStream will recalculate all invoices from this date forward with the new tax rate, regardless of the effective date. You can enter today’s date, or the effective date of the new tax rate.


After you have entered the date, select ‘OK’

When it has completed, you will see ‘Tax Recalc Complete… Ready…’ underneath the file path



You can now Close the RezStream File Utility and reopen RezStream. All future invoices should be update with the new tax rate!

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