Group Payments

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Please use this guide to record payments for group reservations:

Recording Group Payments


1. Highlight the group leader reservation, right-click, and select the option for “Record Transaction.”




2. Select the Group radio button. Each group member invoice is displayed in the “Pick Invoice and then Apply Payment to” list.




The default deposit amount (100% of first night’s stay) displayed in the Payment Information window ($316.08) is the preset deposit amount defined in Tools > Unit and Rate Setup > Revenue Accounts, Deposits.


3. Click the Full button. The balance due for the entire group is displayed in red at the bottom of the window and in the payment amount window in the upper right-hand corner.




4. With the first reservation highlighted (Invoice #121), the dollar amount in the highlighted line will be applied to the total balance due when you click the Apply button. The balance at the bottom of the screen is updated to reflect that the highlighted reservation has been paid in full.




5. Highlight each subsequent reservation and click the Apply button. The unapplied payment balance is now zero ($0.00).




6. Click the Save button. On the Daily screen, the group reservation is now displayed in green indicating that each reservation has been paid in full.




The group payment method described in this section can also be used when a group leader is paying only a portion of a group member’s invoice balance, for example, just room and tax. In this example, the applied payment amount would equal the total for each group member’s room and tax total. Then, a second individual payment can be recorded for each group member’s incidental charges.


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