Gift Certificates

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Gift certificates can be issued and redeemed from within RezStream Professional. When a gift
certificate is purchased, use the following steps to record the sale.

1. Click the Point of Sale F4 icon on the RezStream Professional left-hand main toolbar.

2. Click the Gift Certificate button in the lower left-hand corner of the Point of Sale screen.

3. The Gift Certificates window is displayed. Click the New button.

4. The Gift Certificate Creation window is displayed. By default, the name of the last guest
that a reservation was made for is displayed in the Purchaser field. If this is not the
person purchasing the gift certificate, click the Select button to the right of the Purchaser
field and either enter a new name or select a name from guest history using the
RezStream Professional Name Search dialog box. The new or selected name is
automatically transferred back to the Gift Certificate Creation window. Complete the
remaining fields in this window. Fields are described in the table below.


5. Click the Save button on the Gift Certificate Creation window.
Clicking Yes displays the Payment Information window where payment for the
gift certificate can be recorded.
After selecting a payment type, click the Save button.

6. The Gift Certificates window is displayed. To print a receipt for the gift certificate, click the
Print Receipt button.

Redeeming Gift Certificates
Use the following steps when a guest redeems a gift certificate.

1. Select the reservation and click the Record Transaction button on the main toolbar.

2. The Payment Information window is displayed. Select Gift Certificate from
the payment type drop-down menu. Click the Select button.

3. Clicking the Select button displays the Gift Certificates window. Highlight the
gift certificate that is being redeemed and click the Select button.

4. The gift certificate amount is automatically transferred to the
Payment Information window. Click the Save button.

5. From the Daily screen, right-click the reservation and select the option for
Print Invoice. The Detail Invoice displays a line item for the redeemed gift

6. When returning to the Gift Certificates window, the certificate has
been automatically marked as “Used.”

Gift Certificate Reports
There are five gift certificate reports listed under the Financial Reports heading. Use the
following steps to view these reports.

1. Click the Reports F7 button.

2. Under the Financial Reports heading, click the “+” to the left of “Gift Certificates.”

3. The five gift certificate reports are listed. To preview one of the reports to the screen, highlight it, check the Print Preview box, and click the Print button.



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