Same Day Online Booking Cut Off Time

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Automatically set your same day booking cut off time

RezStream’s booking engine allows for same day online bookings. For those of you who don’t operate a front desk staff 24/7 but still rely on same day bookings, this feature is for you! You now have the ability to set a cut off time for same day online bookings. If your staff leaves the front desk at 7:00pm as an example, you can now have the booking engine no longer allow bookings from that time on for the remainder of the day.

Please see below for the instructions on how to implement this feature.

Step 1:  Navigate to the “Booking Engine” section


Step 2: Select “Booking Settings”


Step 3: Allow same day reservations by setting the first cell to “0”


Step 4: Set the cut off time for same day reservations


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