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When you switch your Property Management System (PMS) from Eviivo to rezStream Cloud, rezStream will convert your data as part of our onboarding process.  A rezStream onboarding process includes three phases; Preparation, Go-Live, and Post Live (aka “living happily ever after”).  The Eviivo data conversion is part of the Go-Live phase and takes place the evening before or morning of your switch to rezStream Cloud.  So do not close your Eviivo account until the conversion has taken place and you are live on rezStream Cloud.

An Eviivo conversion is similar in scope to a RezOvation Web conversion with some small differences.  Most notable is the exclusion of your business information (address, email, etc.), but since those fields are one-time entries it is a small task and we’ll help you. 

Because Eviivo controls all your data, we can only access the information that is available through reports in your Eviivo account.  The two Eviivo reports we focus on are the Booking and Guest reports.  In plain English, we will be able to bring over your guest information and historical and future reservation data (including information about your units and payments).

The table below outlines the specific data fields we will export from Eviivo.  If you have questions about this process or what it is like to move from Eviivo to rezStream Cloud, just ask us at 866-360-8210 or Sales@rezStream.com.

Guest Data:

Booking Data:

·         Title

·         Forename

·         Surname

·         Email

·         Telephone

·         AddressLine1

·         AddressLine2

·         AddressLine3

·         City

·         State

·         Postcode

·         Country

·         NumBookings

·         BookingValueInPeriod

·         LifetimeValue

·         Notes

·         Language

·         Custom1

·         Custom2

·         AllowEmail


·         BookingDate

·         BookingReference

·         OTAReference

·         Group

·         GuestFirstName

·         GuestLastName

·         CheckIn

·         CheckOut

·         Nights

·         RoomUnitType

·         RatePlan

·         RoomUnitName

·         Beds

·         Adults

·         Children

·         PromoDiscount

·         BookingDateAndTimeUTC

·         Currency

·         TotalRevenue


·         PaidAmount

·         RoomUnitRevenue

·         OtherRevenue

·         TotalTaxes

·         Method

·         Source

·         Channel

·         PaymentMethod

·         BookingStatus

·         Arrival

·         GuestEmail

·         GuestPhone1

·         GuestPhone2

·         BookingNotes

·         ExtrasBookedOnline

·         PromoName

·         PromoCode

·         PromoDiscount

·         BookingDateAndTimeUTC


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