Applying a discount to a reservation

Jeff Hebrink -

Rates can be overridden while making a reservation from the Occupancy Map. There are two options for overriding a rate:

  1. Percentage Discount
  2. Fixed Dollar Amount Discount


Use the following steps to override a rate while making a reservation:


  1. From the Occupancy Map, click and drag to highlight the nights that the guest will be in house.


      2. Nightly rates are displayed in the reservations details section in the right-hand pane.

           a. To apply a percentage discount:

                 i. Click the Discounts button.


                ii. Enter the applicable discount and click the Percent button. In the example below, a 20% discount is specified.


                iii. The nightly rate column is adjusted.


           b. To apply a fixed dollar amount discount:

                 i. Click the Discounts button and then enter the amount of the discount, $20 in the example below. Click the Apply Fixed Discount button.


                ii. The nightly rate is adjusted accordingly.




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