Mark Units Out of Service

James Pumpelly -


In order to mark a Single unit as Out of Service, first we need to select the unit and the dates which it will be out, just like when we create a new reservation. Then in the 'Selection' panel on the right, we will need to choose 'Out of Service'.


 Then in the Selection panel, edit and/or confirm the details of the Out of Service, then select the 'Mark Out of Service' button.


To mark a block of units Out of Service, First we need to toggle group selection from the Occupancy Map. 


Then we will select the dates for each unit that we wish to block and choose to mark them Out of Service.







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    The "Toggle Group Selection" does not allow me to select more than one unit at a time - it works the same as the "Toggle Single Unit" selection...  Also, individual units do not automatically show as "Dirty" after I check someone in.  It's my understanding that this is supposed to take place, but it does not.  Please advise.  Thank you. 

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    Here I am almost a year later, and I still cannot make a group reservation or mark a block of units out at the same time. This is important to me as we close a lot of our units down in the winter time - it takes way too long to do them each individually.

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