Tax Exemptions

Wendy Hisel -

How to add Tax Exemptions to reservations


While creating the reservation:

Highlight the days of the reservation you are creating

Over on the right, above the line items, click on 'Exemptions'

Click on the box and choose the tax that you would like to exempt. Repeat to add further exemptions.


After reservation has already been created:

Select the reservation and then click on 'View Invoice'

On the right, below "Balance" you will see 'tax exemptions' with the word 'none'. Click one 'None'

In the window that comes up, click on the box that says 'choose exempt taxes' and then select the tax you would like to exempt. Repeat to add further exemptions.

switch "Recalculate taxes and apply these exemptions to all of the existing invoice line items?" to "Yes"

Click 'Set Invoice Tax Exemptions'

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    Dave Elliot

    entered first tax exemption fine from View Invoice.  THANKS

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