Creating a Letter Template

Josh Wise -

Steps for creating a letter template.


To create a letter, click the Configuration button on the Quick Navigation toolbar.


Under the Email/Letters heading, click the Letters and Templates link.


In this example, a template will be created first. The header and footer defined in the template will be used in the “New Reservation” confirmation letter displayed below:


Use the following steps to create the template:

  1. Click the Templates button.


       2. In the upper right-hand corner, click the Add New Template button.


       3. Enter a name for the template, NewRes1, in this example.


There are three sections in the template editor, the header, the body, and the footer.


       4. To insert your property’s header text, simply remove “Insert your header content” and then begin typing the header.


After removing the default header text, enter your property’s header.


      5. Format the header using the tools provided.


      6. Follow steps 4 – 5 to format the template’s footer.


      7. Click the Save Template button in the upper right-hand corner.




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    Anite Proper

    You've explained those steps very clearly. No questions left. I am also convinced many people commit lots of mistakes writing anything, whether it's a college paper or a simple letter to a friend. So, I decided to help by having designed this tool What do you think about it? Does it work for you well?

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