Adding an Image to a Room, Rate, P.O.S. Item, or Package

Development Team -

1. Select 'Images' from the Booking Engine page


2. Select the Room, Rate, Package, or P.O.S. item from the drop-down list


3. Click the green 'Add' button under each image that you would like to add to the Room, Rate, Package, or P.O.S. item



A note on picking the perfect images

We recommend using landscape-oriented (horizontal) photos. The bigger the better! We want you to showcase your property and amenities.

When you upload images, we will automatically resize large images down to a maximum size of 1920x1080 pixels and we'll maintain the aspect ratio. So, try and choose photos that are at least 1920 pixels wide or 1080 pixels tall. And, again, landscape-oriented photos will look best on your booking engine.

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    Leina'ala Kailiawa

    Is it possible to add images (logo, hotel photo) to lodging confirmations? If so, what type of file. I tried Jpeg/Jpg but it's not displaying when the email is received. Thank you, Leina'ala Mammoth Creek Inn

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    Development Team

    You can add images to your letters and templates via the letter editor. We go into detail on that process in this article.

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