Enhanced Reports - Scheduled Report Feature

New Enhanced Reports

rezStream Cloud has a new (and expanding) set of Enhanced Reports that include:

  • Subscriptions – Schedule your report to be delivered to your inbox without any interaction from you
  • Export to multiple formats
  • Drill down into the details of your data
  • Charts and graphs to represent your data visually
  • Enhanced UI to make selecting dates and ranges faster and easier

The new Enhanced Reports are denoted by a diamond icon  so you can easily identify them. Reports listed without the Enhanced Report diamond icon are the same reports that you have become familiar with in rezStream Cloud.


Subscriptions and Schedules

There are some reports that you need to run every day, every week, every month, etc. Enhanced Reports allow you to subscribe to any report that you need on a regular basis and have it delivered directly to your inbox on a regular schedule. No more manual effort is required! Sharing a report is as simple as forwarding that email. Alternatively, feel free to add users to your rezStream Cloud account so those users can get the reports they need when they need them.


Enhanced Reports with a Diamond icon will include the option to Subscribe, Export, or Print.


Select Subscribe and Add Subscription:


Displayed is an example of the various entry options.

*Save in the top right after your entry fields are selected.


Under the Report Section, select the type of report and follow these same steps for each report.



Enhanced Reports support exporting to PDF, CSV and Excel. In addition, if you want to do something more complex with your data programmatically, we also support advanced exports to XML and Json.