Season Wizard


The Season Wizard will allow you to pre-program your seasons and define your seasonal rate changes in bulk. To take advantage of this new feature please follow the instructions below. 

On the Rate Plans Screen, we have a new button called “Season Wizard Setup”

This Season Wizard Setup will allow you to graphically set up seasons that can be shared amongst all of your Rate Plans.  As you can see from the screenshot below, you can select to view 1-3 years. 

You will then pick a start and end date using the calendar for each season. 

Upon completion please hit the green “Save Seasons” button in the upper right.


Navigate to the specific Rate Plan you wish to start adjusting and click the “Seasons Wizard” button.

For the seasons you just created the display, toggle the ones you wish to adjust, then click “Continue” in the upper right.

The final step is to make your edits. 


You can edit everything you see on the screen below.  Upon completion hit the “Save Seasons” button in the upper right.

All your changes have now been saved and put into production within your PMS and associated booking engine and 3rd party channels if applicable.