Gift Certificate Sales Report

The Gift Certificate Sales report can be found in the Reports section of your software, under the Sales Header. 


The report will show you all Gift Certificates that have been purchased during a given time period (which can be changed at the top of the report). 

In the first column, the gift certificates are broken out by Booking Engine and Pms - either section can be expanded to show the individual certificates by clicking on the small plus sign to the left of the name. 

The second column shows the sale price of the Gift Certificate. This information does not reflect whether money has been collected on the invoice. To view whether the invoice has been paid, select the individual invoice from the expanded sections. 

The third column shows the face value for the Certificate. This number is the value that the Certificate was created with, and does not change after the certificate has been redeemed. 

The fourth column shows the amount that has been redeemed on the certificates. 

The fifth column shows the remaining balance of the original value, based on what has been redeemed.