Recent Gift Certificates - Dashboard Widget

The Recent Gift Certificates dashboard widget helps you keep an eye on all the gift certificates coming into rezStream Cloud. Gift Certificates can be created in either the Booking Engine or within the rezStream Cloud PMS and the widget allows you to quickly filter to show all new Gift Certificates or just those from one source or the other.

In the Show field, simply choose (or remove) the sources to apply the filter. By default, both sources will be shown when loading the Dashboard. However, if you'd like to change that default to only show one or the other on initial load, you can do so in the Dashboard Configuration.

Clicking/Tapping on a Gift Certificate will open it for editing.


Also as with all dashboard widgets, you have the options to:

  1. Print the contents of the widget itself (as shown on the screen)
  2. A Refresh button to update the contents of the widget (if something seems missing)