Closing Days for Arrival and Departure

rezStream Cloud has the ability to block off certain days of the week for arrival and departure. This can be useful for a number of reasons - whether you want to make sure that no one is checking in or out on a holiday, or you only allow Saturday-Saturday reservations. 

This function is set up within your rate seasons. Go to Configuration > Rate Plans (Unit Types).



Select the rate plan (unit type) you would like to update. There may be several rates to be adjusted and each would be required to update separately.

On each rate, next to each rate season that you would like to have restricted arrival/departure, click 'Edit'

Or click to add a new season:

Enter or edit the start date if necessary. If you want to close off specific days for arrival or departure, choose 'Daily' next to 'Rate Varies By'. If you are just closing off weekdays or weekends for arrival/departure, choose Midweek/Weekend. 

Then under the days, you would like to close for arrival, switch that option to 'yes'. Do the same for the days you would like to close to departure. 

For instance, if you wanted to require a Friday check-in, and Monday check-out with a three-night requirement for Memorial Day weekend, your season would look like this:

We have Saturday and Sunday both closed for arrival and departure, and Friday-Sunday requires a 3-night minimum stay. The season starts on a Friday, and you will want to add a new season starting after the holiday weekend to return settings to normal, so we can ignore Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in this instance. 

If you require 7-night, Saturday-Saturday stays during the summer, it would look something like this:

We have a 7-night minimum on all days, and the arrival and departure dates are required to be on a Saturday. 

With this setup, when guests choose an arrival or departure date on the booking engine that is not open for check-in or check-out, they will receive a message notifying them of the nearest allowable arrival/departure dates so that they can update their search.