Configure Deposit Policies

To create a deposit policy, go to the Configuration section and select 'Deposit Policies'.

Then click on 'Add Policy' in the top right corner. Configure the settings for the policy and click the 'Save' button in the top right corner.

In this example, the policy is configured to take 50% of the reservation total right when the reservation is created. This is done by setting the 'Due Date Calculation' value to the number of days after the reservation is created and 0. The amount value is set to a percentage of the reservation total and '50'. All the remaining settings use the default value.



In order to achieve the best experience for the online booking engine, it is recommended to ensure a deposit policy is established within rezStream Cloud. The online booking engine will derive from the default top deposit policy.

Included is an example of how this will present to the guest.



Deposit Policies can be set up through the following steps:

Under Configuration>Click Deposit Policies:


Select "Add Policy" in the top right.

Name the Deposit Policy and set the criteria. ​

For immediate deposit applicable, select the same day the reservation is made. Designate any amount that the property decides. Save in the top right.



Please note if multiple deposit policies are set up, the booking engine will derive only from the first/top default deposit policy listed in the system. The order can be changed in the top right.

If a new policy is set up and in order to apply to existing reservations, it would require updating from the reservation page:

Click on 'Recalculate':