Updating Invoices


After your rezStream Cloud database has been migrated, each Invoice will be required to be updated. Please watch the following video. Otherwise, please take a look at the instructions written out below. 

On each Invoice page, the Notes section will contain the conversion details:

To update an invoice, follow these guidelines:

From the Reservation page, click on the Unit name, then select the 'Edit' button and 'Change Rate/Guest Count.' If there are multiple units assigned on one reservation, then please follow the same steps for each separate unit and edit/change the rate.




Next review/enter the guest counts and ensure the rates and total are accurate, and then click 'Save,' which will also update the invoice.


After the invoice has been updated, you can select 'Make Payment' and record the payment using the 'Transfer payment' option. 

Enter the amount, select the payment date, and then make payment in the top right. 

Please note, that this is only recording payment in the system and not transacting financials.