Promoting Your Booking Engine on Your Website

To begin promoting your booking engine on your website, please follow these steps to ensure it can be pushed live. Once live, you'll begin receiving online bookings!  


1. Review Booking Settings.

2. Fill out the Stay Conditions and Policies section under the Booking Engine tab. For more information, click here.


3. Setup your Deposit Policy by clicking on Configuration and then Deposit Policies*The booking engine will use the default Deposit Policy. 


Select "Add Policy" in the top right. Name the deposit policy and set the criteria. For immediate deposit applicable, then select the same day the reservation is made. Designate any amount that the property decides. Once complete, click 'Save Deposit' in the top right corner. 



4. Accept automatic payments using Shift4 by clicking on Booking Engine and then Payment Settings. inline-1529363756​​
Toggle 'Enable' and click 'Save Configuration' in the top right.



Once you have the above in place, your booking engine is ready to be pushed live on your website to begin accepting online bookings. To complete, follow these steps: 

1. Capture your unique booking engine URL to promote as links and buttons on your website by clicking on the Booking Engine tab and then the Custom URL option. *It is recommended to enable the responsive booking engine to provide the best experience across device users. Once enabled, confirm your theme is responsive by visiting your booking engine from your mobile device.  

2. Utilize calendars and booking engine widgets by copying/pasting your unique code by clicking on the Booking Engine tab and then the Booking Engine - Script Generator option. For more information on customization options, click here

3. To generate additional revenue, we recommend considering promoting gift certificates. To get this setup for people to purchase online, click here. You can grab your unique gift certificate URL by clicking on Booking Engine and then the Gift Certificate Options option.