Reservations Today - Dashboard Widget

The Reservations Today (or any day) dashboard widget is an interactive list of all Arrivals, Stay Overs, Departures, No-Shows, and any Out of Service entries for today. Quickly view the in-house status and payment status of all your active reservations and check them in or out, print or email letters, add charges or make payments all from the dashboard!

On initial display, this widget displays all reservations and out-of-service activity for today. At a glance, this includes:

  • The Reservation and Guest name
  • The Unit(s) the guest is occupying and the clean/dirty status (if you use the clean/dirty feature)
  • The arrival, departure, and number of nights
  • Icons to indicate whether the guest has important tags, their payment status, and their in-house status.
  • The sections are also collapsible/expandable to allow you to focus on what's most important for the task at hand.


To view more information and interact with a reservation, click/tap the reservation to expand it and expose more details and options:

  • The full name of the reservation, the important reservation tags, and a link to view the full reservation
  • The name of the person, the important person tags, and a link to view the full person
  • The invoice number associated with this reservation unit assignment, a summary of the charges, payments, and balance due, and a link to view that invoice
  • Buttons to allow:
    • Check-In/Out
    • Generate Letters and Emails
    • Add Charges (POS, Package, and Gift Certificates)
    • Make Payments and/or Pre-Authorize credit cards (if you use integrated credit card processing)


The Reservations Today widget can be changed to show reservations for any day. Today's date is shown in the dashboard with a dashed underline display - this indicates that the date can be changed. Click/Tap on the date and choose a different date to view all the reservations and out-of-service activities on that day.


Last, but not least, the Reservations Today widget provides :

  1. A Quick Check In/Check Out option to quickly update the status of many reservation assignments all at once
  2. A quick way to batch or bulk print/email letters for all or some of the reservations within with widget

  3. Print the contents of the widget itself (as shown on the screen)
  4. A Refresh button to update the contents of the widget (if something seems missing)