Understanding the Dashboard

The rezStream Cloud Dashboard includes several widgets to help manage the most important aspects of your business at a glance. You have the option to choose which widgets to display and what order to display them based on what is most important to you. 

The Widgets
  • Reservations for Today (or any day)
    • An interactive list of all Arrivals, Stay Overs, Departures, No-Shows, and any Out of Service entries for today. Quickly view the in-house status and payment status of all your active reservations and check them in or out, print or email letters, add charges or make payments all from the dashboard!
  • Tasks
    • Make sure all the tasks you and your staff need to get done are getting done! The Tasks widget allows you to create tasks, prioritize them, assign them to staff, apply due dates and track their status. 
  • Key Items for Week (or any date range)
    • Prepare for the upcoming week with a quick view of the Key Items you'll need to have ready for upcoming guests. 
  • Shared Notes
    • Quickly share any kind of useful information with everyone that uses rezStream Cloud. The Shared Notes is a free-form text field where you can enter any notes that your staff should be aware of.
  • Recent Reservations
    • Keep an eye on all the reservations coming into rezStream Cloud. You can have the option to filter which sources you see new reservations coming in from, but by default, you'll see reservations from all sources; your Booking Engine, any Online Travel Agents (OTAs) you're connected to as well as reservations made within the rezStream Cloud PMS itself. This widget also includes Canceled reservations as they are important to track and deal with in a timely fashion as well.
  • Recent Gift Certificates
    • Keep an eye on all the gift certificates coming into rezStream Cloud. Gift Certificates can be created in either the Booking Engine or within the rezStream Cloud PMS and those filters can be applied here as well.
  • Email Delivery History
    • rezStream Cloud automates most of the emails you send to guests and the Email Delivery History widget gives you a quick view of the emails that were recently sent successfully but also any emails that failed to send. It also gives you quick access to the Person or Reservation the email was connected to so you can resolve any problems in short order.