4Word: Accessing Credit Card Data without Fully Integrated Processing

If you have decided NOT to use fully integrated credit card processing within rezStream Cloud PMS and Booking Engine, you can still manually enter and view credit card information securely using the Shift4 4Word solution.

rezStream's Cloud PMS was designed with your property’s credit card PCI compliance security in mind. As such we have implemented tokenization which is the method of encrypting and storing credit card data outside of the Cloud PMS. Therefore hackers can not breach your business to steal credit card data that you do not store.

For those properties that choose to process credit cards outside of the Cloud PMS using 3rd party solutions, rezStream provides a means for you to access the guests’ credit card information without storing it in the Cloud PMS. We have integrated with Shift4's 4Word solution which provides your property with state-of-the-art security and protection. This provides our clients with a secure method of logging into a secure portal to retrieve the guests’ credit card data for all online booking engine and offline reservations.

Please review the following presentation explaining how this works in detail.