Applying a discount to a reservation

Rates can be overridden while making a reservation from the Occupancy Map. There are two options for overriding a rate:
  1. Percentage Discount
  2. Fixed Dollar Amount Discount


Use the following steps to override a rate while making a reservation:


  1. From the Occupancy Map, click and drag to highlight the nights that the guest will be in-house.


      2. Nightly rates are displayed in the reservations details section in the right-hand pane.

           a. To apply a percentage discount:

                 i. Click the Discounts button.


                ii. Enter the applicable discount and click the Percent button. In the example below, a 20% discount is specified.


                iii. The nightly rate column is adjusted.


           b. To apply a fixed dollar amount discount:

                 i. Click the Discounts button and then enter the amount of the discount, $20 in the example below. Click the Apply Fixed Discount button.


                ii. The nightly rate is adjusted accordingly.