Move a Reservation

There are 2 ways to move a reservation: 

Via the Occupancy Map
  1. To move a reservation on the Occupancy Map, simply move your mouse to the top half of the reservation until your cursor turns into a cross.
  2. Once that happens, click and drag the reservation to the desired location on the Occupancy Map.
  3. Follow the on-screen wizard to finish moving the unit assignment.

Have a look at our How-To video to see this in action.

NOTE: On the Occupancy Map, currently you can only move one unit assignment at a time, so if you have more than one unit assignment in your reservation, it might be more efficient to use the Move feature on the reservation screen (as described below).

Via the Reservation Screen
  1. On the Reservation screen, simply click/tap the Move button within the Units sections of the reservation.
  2. The Move wizard will allow you to move one or more unit assignments within the reservation to other units and/or other dates and adjust rates if needed.