Change the Guest Assigned to a Unit

When we have a group reservation we may need to know who is staying in each unit. We may also need to split the charges out to each individual guest as opposed to having the main coordinator pay for the entire reservation. 

This is known in rezStream Cloud as editing the assigned guest and the following guide will help us accomplish this.

First, we need to select the reservation from the occupancy map. Then from the reservation summary on the right, we will select the unit from the 'Units' section. 

Now we will click on the blue 'Edit' button and select 'Change Guest'.


Next, we need to select the guest from 'All People' and either search for them or enter a new guest if they do not exist.


After confirming the new guest, we need to decide what to do with the unit charges, transfer them or leave them alone. Do we keep them with the main contact and on a single invoice (Leave Charges Alone) or is each guest paying their own way (Transfer Charges).

In this case, we will choose that each guest is paying, so we select 'Transfer Charges.


Now we have changed the guest on the reservation and also created a new invoice for them.