Reservation and Guest Check In and Check Out

The rezStream Cloud has a couple of easy ways to check your guests in and out. The process can be triggered anywhere you can view or edit a reservation. That includes:

  1. The Reservations Today dashboard widget
  2. The Reservation View on the Occupancy Map. 
  3. The Reservations section.

There are 2 simple ways to check guests in and out:

  1. The Check In and Check Out Wizards will guide you through the process and allow you to handle the multiple-step process the same way each time. It is also configurable to work the way you work.
  2. The Quick Check In/Check Out option allows you to quickly check in or out multiple reservation unit assignments without the extra steps.


The Check In and Check Out Wizards

When viewing a reservation, you can individually check a guest in or out by using the Check In/Check Out button for the Unit Assignment within the Units section.


Clicking/Tapping the Check In (or Check Out) button will trigger the appropriate wizard. 


The Check In Wizard will give you the following options:

  1. Edit Invoice allows you to view and edit the invoice so you can make any type of adjustment at check-in.
  2. Add a Payment shows the Payment screen so you can quickly take payment.
  3. Generate Letters or Invoice will generate the chosen letter or invoice so for either print or email.
  4. Also, a link to Always use these Check In Options allows you to quickly save the current options for future check-ins.

The Check Out Wizard provides the same options and adds a 4th option to Re-Book for Next Year after the Check Out process is completed.


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Quick Check In/Out

From the dashboard, Reservations Today dashboard widget) provides a Check In or Check Out all... button that allows you to quickly check in or out all Arrivals, Stay Overs, Departures or No-Shows.



From within a reservation, the Check In/Out button within the Units section allows you to quickly check in or out all the members of a group reservation in one quick wizard. 


Upon using the Quick Check In/Check Out option, you'll be presented with a simple Quick Check In/Out wizard that allows you to:

  1. Change the In-House Status.
  2. Include/Exclude reservation unit assignments.


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