Housekeeping Report

Similar to the reservation reports, the housekeeping report is customizable and shows current reservation data pulled from the live data in your database.

The report contains the following information to help with organizing and tracking housekeeping. 

Unit - The unit name and short name (in parenthesis)

Clean/Dirty - Shows the current cleanliness status of the unit. This only shows when the report is printed for the current day, and then only if unit cleanliness is enabled on the occupancy map.

Change Linen - This shows if a scheduled linen change should be performed

Reservation Guest Name - The primary contact for the reservation, as well as the contact name for the guest assigned to the room (if different) clicking on this, will bring up a dialog window with the reservation information.

Length - The arrival and departure dates as well as a summary of the length.

Status - Current reservation status including checked-in 

Guest Counts - Numbers and types of guests assigned to the unit.

Notes - Any or all of the following:

Reservation Special Requests

Person Notes

Important Custom Fields and Dates

Important Tags

You also have the ability to choose which columns and types of notes appear on the report, and how often to indicate a linen change, by changing the settings.


Guest Count Totals

At the bottom of the report is a summary of how many and what type of guests you will have in-house, including a breakdown of arrivals, departures, and stayovers, as well as morning and evening numbers.