Pending Deposits Reports



The Pending Deposits Reports is used to track outstanding deposits for reservations based on your deposit policies.


The reports contain the following data to help keep track of what payments are due.


Confirmation - The reservation confirmation number (click to view reservation)

Guest - Name of the guest assigned to the reservation.

Arrival - Reservation arrival date.

Name - Name of the deposit that is due.

Due Date - Date the deposit is due.

Amount - The amount due.

Paid - Amount paid towards the deposit.

Due - Amount left to pay on the deposit.

Details - Quick representation of when the payment is due. As the due date approaches the color becomes brighter. once the due date has passed the color once again gets brighter as it becomes further past due.

The Reports


Contains all deposits that have not been paid


Contains only unpaid deposits that are not past due

Past Due

Contains only past due deposits