Set Up A Point of Sale Category

How to Setup Point of Sale Categories & Items


Many properties sell items to guests during their stay, for example, t-shirts and hats from the gift shop or lift tickets and rafting excursions. These items are defined in the Cloud PMS from the Configuration > Rates, Taxes > POS link.



Point of Sale Categories

The first category will be defined as point-of-sale items. In this example, two categories will be created:


1. Gift Shop

2. Ski Area

Use the following steps to create the Gift Shop category:


1. From the POS Items page, click the Categories button.



2. In the upper right-hand corner, click the Add New Category button.



3. Complete the fields on the Create POS Category page, including the Name, Default Revenue Account, and Default Tax Group.


4. Click the Save Category button in the upper right-hand corner.



5. Use similar steps to create the Ski Area POS Category.