Adding a Mobile Theme

 Previous mobile themes can be found in the following locations;

  • – Download the mobile theme that was used on Rez Pro

  • FS01:\02 Design and Development\DD\Websites\#BE Themes - Mobile

  • FS01:\50 Employees\Lyles Armour\mobile be themes

  • If you cannot find a theme please email changes and request a jQuery Mobile theme be created - Please be sure to include the link to the BE and/or the clients website.


Installing the Mobile Theme
  1. Go to the Booking Engine Configuration section

  2. Click on the link “ Mobile Theme Customizations”

  3. While in the tab labeled “jQuery Mobile” drag the mobile theme zip folder into the area labeled “Upload Mobile Theme”

  4. Use the tab called “Theme Customizations” to adjust the colors of the header and footer swatches (optional)