Applying a Gift Certificate

In this article, we'll be reviewing how to redeem or apply a gift certificate to a reservation.  If this is the first article you are reading on gift certificates you should probably take a look at the article on how to set them up:

To apply an existing gift certificate to a reservation you will do the following: 

1. Make a new reservation or open an existing reservation

2. Click on the green "Make Payment" button

3. Click the drop-down for the payment "type" and select "Gift Certificate", then search for the gift certificate you would like to utilize in the "Gift Certificate" field.  When done hit the green "Make Payment" button in the upper right-hand corner.  You can determine the amount of the gift certificate you would like to apply to the invoice of the reservation.  The partial or full redemption of the certificate is acceptable. 


4. Any restrictions you've set on the gift certificate you've chosen will display before you apply the certificate as a payment against the reservation invoice like so: 


 5. If you forgot to take payment for the gift certificate you are attempting to use it will give you a warning like so: 


6.  Upon applying the gift certificate against the reservation invoice you will see that form of payment on the invoice under the "transactions" section which will look like this: