Editing An Existing Rate Season

To change the settings of an existing rate season, go into 'Configuration', and then select 'Rate Plans (Unit Types)' located under the 'Rates and Taxes' header.


Select the Rate Plan (Unit Type) you'd like to edit (you will need to perform same these steps on each rate plan separately). There may be several Rates that require adjustment.


You will need to edit each of your bookable rates and associated seasons. The seasons for that rate & minimum stay will appear below. Rate seasons that are no longer in effect will be grayed out and do not need to be edited.

Click on the 'Edit' button to the right of an active season. In this example, we are editing the active seasons for the 'RACK' rate.image-png-Mar-12-2024-08-48-29-3756-PM

Edit allows you to update the season rate, minimum stay, or extra guest charges.

This example below indicates the Midweek/Weekend, with specified days highlighted in Blue (Friday/Saturday) and you can 'apply' a minimum stay toward the bottom.

image-png-Mar-12-2024-08-48-54-7574-PMIn the season settings, make the changes you wish to make to the rate or minimum stay requirements, and then click on 'Save'. Repeat these steps on all active rate seasons you wish to change. 

When making the minimum stay change click on the 'Apply' button then towards the bottom you can change the minimum stay setup.


When finished with these changes, Save at the top right.