Wait List

The waitlist allows you the ability to track guest contact information as well as specific accommodation needs.  If cancellation occurs when you are completely booked an automatic notification of your waitlist will appear, allowing you to maximize occupancy during your peak periods.  Please follow the directions below for an introduction to the waitlist feature.

Step 1:

Make your way to the Occupancy Map and click/tap the Wait List button in the toolbar.

Step 2:

Navigate to the requested arrival date and click the “+” icon to add a guest to the wait list for that date.

Step 3:

Select an existing guest or add a new one.  Enter their requested arrival and departure dates and any other notes or requests related to their request.

Step 4:

The guest is now on the waitlist to access at a future time if availability opens up.

Step 5:

Any date(s) with one or more guests on the Wait List will display on the Occupancy Map as a red circle with the number of guests on the Wait List for that day. If a reservation is canceled and the Wait List has someone waiting for those dates, the Wait List will automatically be displayed after cancellation is complete. Otherwise, you can always click on a date on the Wait List row of the Occupancy Map to see who is on the wait list for that day, add new guests, or remove someone. 

NOTE: The Wait List-display can be toggled “off” at any time by clicking on the Wait List toolbar button as described in Step 1. Doing so will NOT remove anybody from the Wait List that has already been added - it will simply hide it on the display. If you want to see it again, simply toggle it back on.