Email Delivery History - Dashboard Widget

rezStream Cloud automates most of the emails you send to guests and the Email Delivery History dashboard widget gives you a quick view of the emails that were recently sent successfully but also any emails that failed to send. It also gives you quick access to the Person or Reservation the email was connected to so you can resolve any problems in short order.

The Email Delivery History widget has 2 tabs:

  1. The Sent tab shows all emails that were successfully sent from rezStream Cloud to the internet. PLEASE NOTE, this does NOT guarantee the email reached the intended recipient. Once an email is sent, the recipient's email server must then accept the email and deliver it to the intended recipient. However, the email could be blocked due to things like junk mail filters and email server rules. See our article on Ensuring Email Deliverability to ensure you get the best possible results.
  2. The Failures tab shows any emails that we were unable to send. This might be a transient problem with our servers or with internet connectivity, or it could be an automated email that failed because of a bad email address for the intended recipient. 


You can click/tap on any email to see links and quick access to the person and reservation to which the email relates. You can also use the Email / Print button to view and re-print or re-send the email. When on the Failures tab, you will also be shown the reason the email failed to send. 


Also as with all dashboard widgets, you have the option to:

  1. A Refresh button to update the contents of the widget (if something seems missing)