rezSafe: Secure Credit Card Handling in rezStream Cloud

If you've opted not to utilize fully integrated credit card processing within rezStream Cloud, you can still securely collect, enter, and view credit card information using rezSafe regardless of your subscription level.

When not using integrated credit card processing, credit cards will automatically be collected and stored in rezSafe for booking engine and OTA (rezStream Channels) reservations. Credit cards can also be manually entered within rezStream Cloud for later viewing. 

rezStream Cloud was specifically designed with your property's credit card PCI compliance security in mind. We've implemented PCI-compliant tokenization, encrypting, and storing of credit card data to prevent hackers from breaching your business and accessing credit card information. This ensures a secure method for retrieving guests' credit card data for both online and offline reservations. 

Here are some benefits of using rezSafe: 

  • Easier Access: Credit card details can be conveniently viewed within the PMS.  
  • Transferable Tokens: Should you choose to switch to integrated credit card processing, tokens stored in rezSafe can be seamlessly migrated to rezStream Payments or Shift4. 
  • Enhanced Security: Achieve PCI compliance without the hassle of extra steps. rezStream Cloud also maintains a history log of who accessed the card and when. 

Viewing Credit Card Details 

When using rezSafe, simply click "View" to access the card details. 

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You can also access all guest credit card details by looking up the contact in rezStream Cloud under the People tab. 

Upon clicking "View," you'll experience a streamlined process. By default, you'll be prompted to re-enter your password. However, rezStream Cloud supports setting up an Authenticator App for added security. After clicking "View," you'll be prompted to choose one of these options based on your preferences. 

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Upon successful validation of your credentials, you'll gain access to view the card data.  

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The CVV code can only be displayed once for security reasons. If you click the "Show" button, the CVV code will briefly appear and then be promptly deleted. If you require access to the credit card details again, you'll need to reach out to the guest directly to collect the information. 

As mentioned earlier, you can also access a list of every Cloud PMS user who has viewed the credit card, along with information about their browser and location, by clicking the "View History" button in the upper right corner. 

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generatedAdding Credit Card Details 

If you need to add new credit card details, rezStream Cloud supports those changes in several ways including: 

From Occupancy Map Tab: 

From People Tab: 

From Reservations Tab: 

You can also add credit card details to a reservation by simply clicking on the "Add" button under the credit card section. 

In order to comply with PCI rules and regulations, credit cards that are stored in rezSafe are automatically deleted 7 days after the reservation departure date.  

rezSafe provides a simple solution for non-integrated credit card customers at an affordable monthly rate. To learn more about rezSafe or credit card processing options through Cloud PMS, contact Current rezSafe customers can also reach out to for technical assistance.