Refunding Payments

This article will outline Refunding payments in rezStream Cloud. Processing Credit Card Refunds will be outlined in the first section below.

Processing Credit Card Refunds can be applied from the Invoice Screen. The example below displays a ($115.00) credit owed to the guest.

The line items outline the invoice charges and total, and any payments will be displayed under Transactions.

Under 'Details' click on the blue link of the guest name to expand Void/Refund button in red.

Next, click on Void/Refund. Please note that Voids are required to be processed same day, and visit our article by clicking here Void Payment.

To proceed with Credit Card Refund, select Void/Refund, enter the Refund Amount and then click 'Refund Payment' in upper right.

At this point, a successful message will indicate if the refund was approved. Otherwise, as with all credit card transactions, the transaction may be declined for various reasons and you next steps will likely depend on the situation.

You can Print Receipts from the top Blue button and if everything is accurately reflected, click 'Done'.

The Invoice has been updated to balance at $0.00 and Paid In Full.


For Cash or Check Refunds, please follow the guidelines below.

On the reservation screen, click on an invoice in the Invoices section and choose the Make Payment button.

In the payment window that comes up, select the payment type, and enter the amount you wish to refund, preceded by a - dash. You will see a message come up below the box notifying you that it will be applied as a refund. This works for full or partial refunds. 

Choose 'Make Payment' from the top right corner.

The Refund will be indicated under the Transaction section.