Adding a Promo Code in the Cloud

The first step to setting up the promo code: Click on the Configuration button and choose Rate Plans blobid0.jpgblobid2.jpg


Next step: Select a Rate Plan Name, or create a new rate name.



Under Rate Plan Name click on the Add a Rate button to setup this promo rate.




Give the promo rate a Name. Make sure the Booking Engine Visibility is set to Bookable with promo code. Then in the Promo Code box add the code that you would like your guest to enter.


Make sure and save all the settings in the top right.


The last step is to add seasons for this promo code. If you need to end the season for the promo code just add the date and make the rate $0. This will end the promo code on the date with the $0 rate. You don’t need to add the promo code to each season for this promo code. Adding the code to the rate plan is significant.


Once you have completed your promo code, the booking engine will create a box for the guest to enter a promo code when they book online.