Rate Promo Setup

Properties can set up a Rate Plan specifically for a Promo/Special Event Rate, such as Weddings for example, and this will enable guests to book online with the Promo entry. The Promo Rate would have to be set up for each unit. Once you have the intended dates, you may also close off any regular season rate, so that the general public would be prevented from booking those dates.


Please reference these links for Knowledge Base guides for Rate Setup:

Configuration>Rate Plans (Unit Types) and setup for each different Rate Plan (Unit Type). 


Select 'Add a Rate'.


Enter the rate name, drop-down Bookable with promo code, then 'Save' in the upper right.


The next step is to set the seasons for those dates under this new Rate.

Click 'Add a Season'.


Enter a Promo Code, which can be provided to the guests. Setup the rate values, base capacity, extra guest fees, include minimum stay requirements.

The Promo Code will be related to the specific season setup.


The property can provide the specific season promo code to the guest for online booking.​

Once the season is setup, then you can also setup a closed season for when this should end.

You may also want to close off the regular season rate, so that the general public is prevented from booking those dates.


Please note a closed season makes it unbookable until another season is added afterward. $0 indicates closed season.