Why do I have to enter an authentication code every time I log in?

The short answer is that you should NOT have to enter a protection code (authentication code) every time you log in.

The feature has been designed to be minimally intrusive while helping protect your account in case your password is leaked. Learn more about multi-factor authorization in What is rezStream Protection?

If you are being asked for the code every time you log in, then there is likely something on your system that is removing the browser cookie that we use to identify that your system has already been verified.

Here are some things to check for if you are required to enter your code often.

Private Mode (Incognito Mode)

If you are using your browser in private (or incognito) mode, then each time you close the browser, all of your history, including the cookies we use to recognize that you have already authorized your system, will be removed from your browser's memory.

If you do not wish to validate your system each time you log in, do not use private mode for rezStream Cloud.

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Ad-blocking/privacy browser extensions

It's nice not to be bombarded by ads, or to prevent third parties from tracking your activity on the internet! However, some ad blocking and privacy software can be overzealous about removing cookies which might be removing the rezStream Cloud cookie that is used for authentication.

Systematically Troubleshooting Ad-Blocking/Privacy Extensions

  1. Disable all of the active extensions and plugins for your browser.
    • NOTE: If you have a good idea of what each of your extensions does, you may be able to reduce the amount of time you spend troubleshooting this by only disabling the extensions you know are dedicated to ad-blocking and privacy.
  2. Restart your browser and log into rezStream Cloud.
    • You may be prompted for your authentication code again at this point.
      • If that happens, enter the code and login.
      • Close and restart your browser.
      • Log into rezStream Cloud again.
        • If you are again prompted for an authentication code, it may not be a browser extension causing your issue, proceed to the next section.
        • If you are NOT prompted at this point, continue on to Step 3 to identify and isolate the extension causing the problem.
  3. Re-enable a single extension.
  4. Close your browser and reopen rezStream Cloud.
  5. If you are prompted for your authentication code:
    1. Make note of which extension you just enabled.
    2. Disable that extension again.
    3. Go back to Step 4 and repeat.
    4. If, after disabling the extension a 2nd time, you are not prompted, you have identified an extension that is causing problems. Keep this extension disabled for now and continue enabling extensions one at a time and repeating steps 4 and 5 for each.

Upon completion, evaluate your list of disabled extensions and decide:

  1. If you don't feel the need to keep the extension, feel free to leave it disabled or consider removing it completely.
  2. If you DO want to keep the extension, check to see if they have a way to exempt specific sites, and exempt cloud.rezstream.com.
  3. If you DO want to keep the extension and there is no way to exempt cloud.rezstream.com, be aware that you will continue to be prompted for authentication each time you log in.

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Stand-alone ad blocking, privacy, or antivirus software

You may have some software, like antivirus, stand-alone ad-blocking, or privacy software running on your computer that could cause this problem as well. These will typically have an icon to indicate that they are running in your system's app tray or dock (the system tray on Windows displays icons by your clock, whereas on the Mac, these apps will appear in your dock).

Systematically troubleshooting for these apps is much like the process for browser extensions.

  1. Disable any of these you can and close your browser.
  2. Restart your browser and log into rezStream Cloud.
    • At this point, you may be prompted for your authentication code. If that happens, enter the code and login, then close your browser and repeat this step.
    • If, after repeating this step, it is an extension causing the problem, you should NOT be prompted for authentication at this point and you should continue with the following steps to identify and isolate which extension is causing the problem.
  3. Perform and repeat steps 3-5 as noted above in the browser extensions section, but this time with each of your privacy software applications.

Similarly to browser extensions, most privacy software that might cause this issue should have a way to exclude cloud.rezstream.com. Again, if you want to continue running the software, and there is no way to exclude cloud.rezstream.com, then you will continue to have to enter the verification each time.

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Restore on reboot software

It's not likely, but some systems, like those found in classrooms or hotel/apartment public business centers, use software that resets the system to a specific state each time it reboots.

If you are using rezStream Cloud on a system like this, you will need to authenticate the device each time.

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